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Twisted Fate AP Mid Help

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Hey guys, I'm here to ask a question about Twisted Fate. I'm in Tier Silver, Division One, and have began playing ranked again. Most of the time, I like to choose mids that the pros play, so in this case, a lot of lux, ori, ryze, and tf have been played.

With that, I have picked up TF and want to main him. After a few games, I really like his mechanics and how he works, but I tend to lose every game I play with TF. No matter how hard I beat my lane, or how much I help other lanes with my ult, I can't find a way to win.

Now, this might be because TF falls off late, but his mechanics seem like they would work well in a team fight. He has a stun that appears every six seconds, wild card that does decent damage, and has the ability to split push before a fight even begins.

So, does this make me bad for losing each game with him? I think it does lol, so that's why I need advice. Are there any specific team compositions TF should be played with? Should I be split pushing before fights begin? And lastly, is TF a good team fight late game?



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Your difficulties with winning lie outside the champ. TF is a solo queue destroyer and if played reasonably well should be destroying games.

I would not worry much about TF's late game either, I don't think I'm alone in my belief that he performs quite well late game as well. In team fights he does an amazing job of peeling for your ADC and kiting even the toughest of targets with good mechanical skill. His pushing and poke are also excellent.

You and many struggling players say things like

No matter how hard I beat my lane, or how much I help other lanes with my ult, I can't find a way to win.

What I'd recommend doing is keeping a journal of your TF games. When you review your replays,...
~Make a note if you actually beat your lane "hard". Did you out cs him by 20+ this game? Did you kill him in lane without a gank or jungler assistance?
~Make a note if you sincerely helped the other lanes. Did your ult turn out smoothly? Did you or your teammates end up dieing? Did you pick up the kill, but at the expense of your ally having to blow all his summoners and end up being forced to recall due to the damage they took?

Situations like these will come up as you train with TF. In game its really easy to feel like you're destroying the enemy team with your ult ganks and you just wrecked your lane, but realistically the advantages you're generating are smaller that they seem.

~Make notes of when you died for free, and NO don't you blame a team mate for "bating you" or brush it off because you were getting "camped". Make an honest note of times you died due to misplays.
~Make notes of when your lane roamed and wrecked your teammate EVEN if you screamed MIA and massed back pings.

These are the kinds of things you want to look for when evaluating yourself in game. If you approach it sincerely, it'll open doors apon doors of opportunity for improvement.

Your buddy,

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A side note when it comes to TF: TF has insane farming capabilities and insane poke. When farming a large minion wave, get close (But not so close as the enemy can poke at you) use red card with a quick q, then auto attack those that remain. Also remember when you get to the final stack of your e, that is applies to the cards (Blue, yellow, red) Which gives amazing poke and presence within your lane.