Experienced RYZE/ASHE searches clan GMT +1

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I'm lvl 13, i own pretty bad when i concentrate ( 70% times i do matches it happens that i start killing like a Terrorist(LOL), 30% i stink if some1 else isn't owning like i usually do), i have a lot of experience, i never leave ( i got 1 leave when game bugged and i couldn't connect) and i have vent.

I play from 15.50 - 16.00 pm to 18.00-18.10pm ( GMT+1 time)(DUH) and during the night sometimes.

Umm i'm really really really good at tanking, infact i have cho'gath and getting taric, but i hate it, i prefer dps like ryze and ashe.

1 last thing is that once i get Cardmaster dude i think i might focus on him since he owns pretty bad if u know how to use him.

Hope i sadisfy requests for any teams or clans!