Teemo submission

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So I didn't win the art competition because holy **** wtf dat ezreal, not even a chance in a 100 years for me. I didn't expect to win, but I was praying for the small chance of a pity mention...however it appears they got too many insanely awesome ones that there wasn't room for any pity mentions.

But I did have some fun, so here's the one I made...Spent around 5-10 hours on it, most was spent coloring it. I'm not a coloring guy so I had to figure out how to do it at least decent enough for this.

The idea is I like Teemo, and I like shrooming everything and watching enemies step on them across the map and die. (I realize this doesn't fit very well into the "how does your champ prepare for S3" theme they wanted)

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I was hoping for the same lol!
Good job on the Teemo! : D