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Serious word to riot

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I have been a supporter or LoL since near the beginning. I have enjoyed the game the whole way through. Your community, and what it is allowed to do, has gotten out of control. There were those that simply lived to make everyone else angry. It happens. Some people are so lost and miserable that they have to take it out on internet.

My issue is that these people have multiplied greatly over the past year, and while that is beyond your control, the ability to keep them from continuing to ruin this game for anyone they encounter should not be. I play ranked now, with the hopes that there will be less of them. What I have found is that there are as many there as in normals. I was doing well in ranked and moving through silver until I ran into a long line of these people that did everything short of coming to my house and turning off my internet to ruin my games. I have now fallen to the bottom of silver with so many games were 2 or 3 people on my team had positive scores and were handling their lanes well. Because of a few that are clearly, and typically admitting it in chat, trying to lose for fun, we lose to a team that wasn't capable of dealing with our composition.

Why is the tribunal seemingly so useless? Why are these people still allowed to ruin YOUR game for THEIR enjoyment? Why are they allowed to stay?

Ok, I know one answer to that last one. They paid money and therefore you feel that you can't really just take their account away. Ok, I get that. Honestly, in my mind, they had their chance and blew it. Just because I hand a cop $20 doesn't mean I can run around for half an hour and knock full coffee cups out of people's hand in front of Starbucks. There should be real consequences to their actions.

But, lets look at a way where you don't have to take anything away from them, and still make your REAL players happy. Start actually using your tribunal system, or another system, to track these people and the problem they cause in game, then move them into their own "league" where it is all people like them. Let them frolic among the rotted black pastures of their little world of misery with their own kind.

Simply put, I am sick of it. I know from talking to many others that they are as well. It seems like almost no one just enjoys a good game anymore. It seems that most of them only want to go online to see what kind of pain they can cause another person. I am really trying to stay with this, but as the community gets worse, I get further away. Right now, you are on track to lose a good majority of your real players, who most likely demand some money back that they have spent over the years, and have simply a massive community of terrible people existing only to ruin each other's games.

If I leave, I may try to demand money back, or I may just cut my losses and walk away for good. I really hope that you take this seriously and do something about the community.

Having played this for so long, I know what is about to happen. I know that those people will attack this post. I know that a lot of stupid things will be said. I know i will be attacked verbally by people that wouldn't even have the guts to come near me in broad daylight. Knowing all of this, I WILL NOT be coming back to this post to answer anything, comment, or even read it again. If Riot wishes to say anything to me, they have the ability to see the email address attached to this account and can contact me directly.

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Sammy the Bull

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