Riot Pleas Fix LP System.

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So lately I've been playing a lot of ranked and I was really happy becasue I went on a winning streak, I was on a 9 game winning streak and my LP was up 45. At this point I was pretty satisfied with myself. Then it happen I lost ONE GAME and boom there goes 22 LP, I mean what! Riot I win 9 games in a row and you take away almost half of that with one loss how am I supposed to get anywhere? Later that day I tried to win again and bam I lost another and I was back to 0 LP I don't think your system is fair at all and I don't understand how this could possible get anyone anywhere without them being either extremely good or lucky. So please I know there are probably tons of posts like this but you have to at least do something about it. it's broken so fix it.

Love, Konrad