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Just my thoughts

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I used to play COD on xbox a lot until I got into LoL. I also played RS as well. Both of these games notoriously have bad communities. I still played these games because I actually found some cool people to play with. The community of LoL is so much worse.
You can argue "there are good people on here too." That is true, but the fact is, they are SOOOO much more rare. The troll:nice person ratio is absurd. I'm unsure how anyone can play this game for very long and not be sick to the point they need to move onto a new and less hostile environment.
Games are supposed to pass time and let you have fun. There is no fun when you are constantly yelled at and ridiculed by random people on the internet. Again, I realize there trolls everywhere, but they are so potent for some reason on this game. I wish Riot did not have to be owner's of a game when the community is known to be one of the worst.

TD:LR Great game, **** community.