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Well , I could definitely use some advice :x

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Well the story is pretty long and boring but anyways the tl;dr is that
my normal game mmr is way higher than my ranked stats after a rough set of placement matches , a streak of unlucky games with afks , a couple trolls , games where our team was just simply out played, and a couple games where my heart just wasn't in it anymore and falling very low after losing out on my promotion series to silver. I know I shouldn't have continued playing on tilt but its just so hard.

But I would really like some help to perhaps improve some of my mechanics , maybe some advice on champions and stuff here or there if anyone is willing to help me improve a bit because I am tired of competing and playing well against silver players because I was silver last season and nearly hit gold but this season I want to make it for sure.

I play against silver players everyday when I practice in normals , however I know for a fact that even silver players won't have the best mechanics which is why that I would really appreciate if someone was on and feeling kind if they could perhaps give me some advice , and maybe help me get better.

I know that people will say to me that if I really deserve to be in silver that I would be able to carry myself out of here , but its just not that simple. Bronze divisions have players that belong in all sorts of skill levels that either had bad luck, or for whatever other reason and sometimes teams can be unbalanced (not sure 100% now with the mmr system over the 'elo' system) Either way , Im just trying to bring myself to a higher gameplay , and all of the videos or guides that google has to offer won't ever help me 100% because of the knowledge available and my learning style.

If you are kind enough to offer some advice , or help me out I would really appreciate it.

/edit omg -_- I just realized I logged into the wrong account but I can easily add ingame if needed :x