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The Tribunal - Goal

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I've recently been encountering reportable players in the past few weeks during games. Instead of giving constructive criticism or acknowledging their mistake(s), they instead take uncessary route and yells back at them (which most people do - no idea why people get so frustrated)
These reportable/irrational players have an undeveloped mind..
ie. A player gives constructive criticism to what he has done, he either
1. Flames back (using as many cuss words as possible to anger the other/or make himself more superior)
2. Reports that player for "Verbally Harassing" him
3. Ignores him or her completely. Completely demoralizing the team by not communicating with them.

I literally just slap my face everytime I see these people, they don't think before they act.

I have made a deal with myself to do the tribunal everyday from now until the end of the year. (I'M BORED. )

Hopefully by the end of the year I'll reach at least (including vacations/study periods)..
**4000 Cases Reviewed (And at least 90% correct) to limit the amount of irrational and "childish" players in the game.

Goal 2: Also, I'll try to hit Diamond I/Challenger by that time as well ^-^ (If I stop getting those disconnecting errors in the past few days)

I just felt like letting people know :] Anyway, I GOT THIS NP.

Currently.. at.. 250 cases reviewed.