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5v5 HIde and Seek Rules

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Hello Everyone! This is my 5v5 dominion hide and seek guide! hopefully you like it, at least try it, and any edits are welcome but I'm going to keep this short and to the point so here goes:

General Rules:

1. Draft pick, in Dominion, just like 7 player hide n seek (BUT WITH 10 PLAYERS)
2. This mode is limited to the inner circle of the dominion map. you MAY NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES LEAVE THE INNER CIRCLE (where the fog of war is, excluding the areas near the capture points) doing this results in immediate 'death' for a hider and -1 to seekers score.
3. Each team has 5 players, the objective of the game is to win more points than the opposing team (points can only be won by the seekers)
4. Each round lasts 6 minutes or until every hider is found and killed
5. The first minute of every new round is the recall/buy and hide time, if you spend the whole minute in base that just means you have less time to hide, any further time results in -1 to your score
6. After that minute (and not a second before) the seekers are loosed upon the map to search and destroy. the following rules apply:
7. Clairvoyance IS BANNED. FOR EVERYONE.
8. The following items are banned for everyone:
Guardian Angel
Sunfire Cape
9. 6 rounds to win (or about 38 minutes) the first round starts at 2:00 PURPLE TEAM STARTS AS SEEKERS

Round setup:
Round 1: starts at 2:00, purple team seeks
Round 2: starts at 8:00, blue team seeks
Round 3: starts at 14:00, purple team seeks
Round 4: starts at 20:00, blue team seeks
Round 5: starts at 26:00, purple team seeks
Round 6: starts at 32:00, blue team seeks
end game: 38:00

Rules as a Seeker

1. You may use any skills to accomplish your goal, no limits to cc or damage skills
2. You cannot leave the base before the preparation minute is up.
3. ONLY ONE CC ITEM IS ALLOWED PER TEAM (so one twin shadows, one frozen mallet, or one rylias, no more, no less)
4. When you get to 300 Health B or Face the Risk of Dieing. (you die it's your fault)
5. Seekers may recall at any time. Once a seeker is recalling, they can not cancel and continue chasing. Ive seen too many seekers Juke going B and its not fair to the hiders.

Rules as a Hider

1. You may use ONLY cc skills (stuns, slows, snares, taunts, charms, etc)
2. You may not EVER auto attack
3. ONLY ONE CC ITEM IS ALLOWED PER TEAM (so one twin shadows, one frozen mallet, or one rylias, no more, no less)
4. You may place one warded ability (mushroom, jack in the box, etc) per bush Please Dont Stack jack in The Boxes as they take a risk of Killing a Seeker.
5. You may not recall at any point of the game
6. Only 2 Hiders may hide in bush together. This rule limits the amount of spam CC dealt to the seekers.
7. You may not attack a seeker if he/she is recalling.
8. Storm Shield are Allowed.
9. You may not enter areas of your platform which will kill an enemy champion i.e. If you go far enough into your base that the seeker cannot reach you you instantly lose a life.
10. A hider will 'die' and must b if they kill a seeker by auto attacks that does not proc CC or if they continue to use their abilities on the seekers even though the seeker stop chasing.

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