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Can I get some Justice?

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This guy is just a complete toxic player. He's the worst type of person, one who can't be negotiated with and proceeds to be a complete jerk/ass all game by spamming the chat up with "you mad" and "IDC if I get banned" and "you lose and I'm happy" sort of things as well as doing what he can to help the enemy team win such as baiting teammates in to ganking just to watch them die while he laughs about it. It COMPLETELY pulls the enjoyment away from this game.

I'm not trying to name and defame, I'm just kindly asking for justice. In-fact if I get down voted than I'll respectfully take this thread down and handle this some other way. I just can't stand the thought of this guy getting away with this while I have it in my power to try and do something about him.

Here's the replay too if you'd like to watch it as well.