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Tired of them all.

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I'm tired of problem players in Ranked, in the low elo (bronze/ low silver). Every other game there is someone that whines about what position they play in game. And before the trolls come in. No I'm not mad. lol. Just tired. I know I'm not an amazing player, but i will admit when i make my mistakes and work to not make the same mistake again. But anyway. This problem starts in champion select. Everyone calling which position they would rather play. I like to play certain positions at times and "call" them, but i am willing to let other play that spot. It normally happens when one of the last 2 picks tries to call a certain spot that either first or second pick wants. Summoner's code says basically "pick order" > "calls". And I like to follow it. That is when the problem starts. Someone whine about "they called first" and keep spamming chat. I know Summoner's code also says its best to just leave the game before it starts to avoid the problems. But i'm trying to raise my elo/division. You lose points and then have to wait for another game. And if your in a series your screwed. You either take a more then likely lose or drop your series. There are other occasions when picks become the problem for a team. And they also normally lead to the teams downfall. In game it stems from intentional feeding, refusing to communicate with team or even just quitting mid game. I know that this post isn't gonna do much but I at least wanted to say something about it.