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Circle of hate

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This subject is like beating a dead horse but, why is the mentality that "oh if everybody is going to rage, feed and troll then i'm going to as well" so prevalent in this game? I've been playing since the start with a break during season 2 and I still don't understand it. Don't people realize that they just spawn more hatred and trolling when they do it themselves? It's trite but, really if you don't have something good to say don't bother saying it. Your just going to negatively impact your team and make them play worse. If somebody gets countered in lane or if they die twice their feeding all of the sudden? Everybody thinks they alone can carry the entire team by themselves? I've been playing support since forever and I can tell you for sure that one person does not win a game. You need your whole team and if you see somebody lacking then help them don't rage. If somebody is sucking in lane then send the jungle to babysit them or set up a gank with mid since you know the enemy is going to concentrate on your weakest player. Learn more then one lane so you can compromise if two people call your preferred lane instead of being "mid or feed". I mean wtf, why are these hard concepts? Am I missing something? I call it everytime that as soon as somebody starts raging we're going to loose the match. On the other hand when a team dsn't give in i've seen amazing turn arounds. I had one game where we we're down to our inhibs and we caught them out of position at baron, got an ace, then rushed their base and won. I know there are lots of level headed people in league as well, I just wish so many people didn't give in to the rage and kept their heads up longer instead of becoming what they hated all along. I love you Riot! I love you Riot community even if you frustrate me! Keep playing and always remember it's just a game and your supposed to be having fun! The next time your mad about somebody being bad or trolling try your best regardless or your just wasting your own time really.