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Lore's practical use in LoL

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So here is what I noticed. The lore of the champion basically explains the best way to play that champion. Well, not always the lore, sometimes its just what the champion is in essence.

A perfect example is Ashe. Among other awesome stuff she's a hunter right? So play her like a hunter. The most devastating ashe i've ever played against made good use of hawk shot, tactics, (maybe)wards, and her passive. She took an early lead bot lane and, ending the laning phase shortly after that, she waited in our jungle (blue side). I was on Katarina at the time and was on my way bot to gank their support/jungler defending their bot tower i made it to the bush on the southern edge of our red buff and hawkshot blows up on me. Initially i don't think anything of it, I'm Kat, i can kill an ashe, ya know. Well i was wrong. I got ulted, she rushed out of the red buff bush closer to river got off that first crit, a second auto, and a volley, with a third auto on the way. Instantly 70% of my health is gone. Good timing on her part because i had no wards to put down and jump to so instead i shunpo to the small mob at red buff. She flashes towards me and i'm doomed. She did this flawlessly a couple times throughout the game, she even caught the jungler twice. It was scary to be in the woods with less than 3 people by the end of midgame because you would see hawkshot and if you didn't immediately run for your life, one of you were definitely dead. The whole game just felt like you were being hunted down just because of how this guy/girl played ashe. Granted some well placed wards and/or roaming as a group would have negated her play completely but it was still so early in the game we didn't want to commit 4 people to look for an ashe in our woods.

I've seen similar things happen, most notably, with warwick (where he just runs around the map recklessly terrorizing everyone), Draven (the more unexpected/flashy the play the better), Riven (without her ult, you might not wanna jump into 5 people, with her ult and a competant team you'll be the first to dive in headlong), and Vi, she just endlessly punches the S*** out of people and doesn't let them get away (the full combo i utilize on her in an ideal situation is q-aa-e-aa-r-aa-e-aa-q; ult is used in the middle cus thats about when they realize they have to flash or die and its too late).

I don't know if any of you have noticed situations where someone really seemed to play a champion as what they actually are, lorewise, in the League of Legends universe but I want to thank the champ design team for making lore a relevant part of each character.
sorry for rambling x.x

oh and one more thing: Ahri's full combo on one person is 9-hits. just realized that today. great champ design.

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That's a really good thought. I actually play Rengar with a violent hunting mindset and his ulti makes that work far too well. Rengar is one of my best characters and i do best playing cat and mouse with people in the jungle. Glass cannon casters and adc are such easy prey!