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Do you believe there should be no exception bans for people that leave for no reason?

Yes 1 50%
No 1 50%
Voters 2 .

People that leave..

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SoloBoy Queue



If you're not going to play, don't click accept, don't pick a champion..
Either click;

Decline (That's why the options there)


ctrl + alt + delete
>end task - adobe air bug launcher

(You may not be able to play for 5 minutes but that's better than leaving people to suffer)
Some people will just leave to handle personal business while others have to make up for their attendance, makes teams that could potentially do good lose and wastes nearly an hour of time. This makes gaming difficult, no body wants to have an "Away From Keyboard" or disconnected player when they'd like IP from their win of the day, or even if they are just collecting it. Please respect the Tribunal, you shouldn't be playing if you do not know the rules. It's respect, and you won't earn it leaving a group that will support you.

I'm not mad, it's just common courtesy.

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