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Hi all. Question about Party Grouping

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Head Crack

Senior Member



As I mostly Normal blind pick player (95% of my games). I have notice a trend. Normally some of the most toxic players I come across are in parties of 3 or more. You know how it goes a few friends get together, one of them get out played then he blames you. After that his friends join end, calling you bad regardless if that is the case or not. You are then force to mute the whole team to enjoy the rest of the game. I think this has happened to most of us on a least one occasion and can be pretty toxic. My question/suggestion is why can't we opted out of being pared with a group of 3 or more. This problem I have seen reach new heights during times when you can get and pretty icon for partying with 5 people.

Some of the disadvantages of this are

Being group with 4 people that don't speak the same language as you do.(A couple people you can work with 4 people just sucks. Ping/smart pings help a ton but trying to tell someone no stand behind the Minion, jungle cover my lane and don't push my creep wave is impossible)

Being force to pick a lane you didn't want to play because everyone in the group pretty much overrides your choice. (Most people do blind pick because the want to practice a lane or a champion before ranked. This limits that ability, even more so since normal are a race to call Mid/Top/ADC as it is.)

Being force to play a role. Because your the odd ball in the group.(Again pervious comment applies)

Please allow us to click a box that allows us the opt out of being grouped with parties of 3 or 4. I think some of us would take a longer queue time if we know that there is a slightly greater chance of not getting grouped with a bunch of "Meanie Heads" (putting it lightly)

Purely from a curious standpoint I wonder what the ratio is of toxic player solo vs toxic players in groups?