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How does one not rage at this

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So, I am playing a game of league, with a newbie elise (no problem they said they are new and need help thats nothing to rage on.)

We have a talon who was midding and d/cs.

Agian: We just had a patch nothing to rage on a little irriating but not his fault.

Then we have a Jax and a Master yi at top not bothering to notice, the support has to move to mid.. and explain how to build to the elise to at least somewhat help the situation.. the VI and Zyra and not sure who the opposing champ are beyond well fed at this point making the bad situation worse.

An SOS at mid was called many times for the top when they kept doing good pushings the top turret was probley near dead, but not a one of them would come to mid to help..

Mid turret gets over ran easily

Bot turret gets over ran easily.

I get a d/c as well as they over ran the bot turret as I was asking why neither jax and yi who are being noobish not bothering to pay attention to whats going on at the map call the support and the elise noobs.. when the talon who finally shows up get told to just go top to help those 3 at least "try" to finish their turret so we can free up champs and team fight..

Of course the d/c I had locked me in game showing the reconnect (until infitnity) so I had to leave the game completelty to reconnect to the game, load at 93% ends up they surrender I guess.


Like I said No qualms about the newbie elise I was seriously trying to help them out, and no qualms about the dcs, talon came back and the servers fail epically.

Just how can you not notice as a top that the mid and bot are over ran to the point of stupidity, to have one person come down and help out ?

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*logs into league*

Leave buster warning...

Oh yayyyyyyyy, lmao, gotta love that piece of junk leave buster.

Wish people would learn to stop dodging and stuff and quit punishing people who have computer problems. Can't help I play this off a laptop, and d/c occationally like everyone else with no warning or clue, and figure to leave a game when the game wont let us reconnect properly.. not giving us bug splat errors so we can't report it neither.

Seriously, I play this off a windows XP , SP 3 computer, with around 1-2 gig ram, and intel family set processer and graphics card.. My laptop can't exactly "play the game better" here, even at minimal settings.

Also, leave buster fails to account folks who try to get back into the game when they have a d/c,
>.> Honestly leave buster will probley ban me eventually between friends wanting me to use voice chat, server disconnects due to live maintances, and memory leak processing issues.

Edit (30 mins later)

Logs into the game again:

League is undergoing a live maintenance...

*yanks hair*

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Submit a ticket if you got a leaverbuster penalty at all today due to the server maint.