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So I just finished getting Windows installed on my new system I built a little over a week ago. I had been using Linux, and that was just a complete nightmare. The only thing I do is play games- the only thing Linux does is not play games. So I get everything updated, drivers installed, etc, etc, and decide to play LoL again, since I had quit about 2-3 months before. Riot decided to ban two of my lv 30 accounts that I've got over 1500+ plays on, one of which I spent over $300 on freaking RP. But I've had 3 level 30s for a long time, so I just get on this one and it's "whatever". The last account they banned I had completed my runes.. I had them all, and I owned more than half the champs through IP, because I was definitely never buying RP again- and I still will never buy RP. But I'm getting completely off-topic.

So I join a match, team is whining that I'm sitting at fountain for 2 minutes configuring the settings, and then we get into it. I can't remember how I built Kha'zix for jungle, so I start maxing W first- whoever I was suggested this by is a complete idiot. And then at 6 I evolve my W- again, I'm pretty sure I know this from "mid kha'zix" and I don't even understand WHY you would do this, but it's stupid. His Q has WAY more damage potential- _WAY_ more. But no, I just blindly put points in places, and so I screw my chances of winning. In team fights I just can't even do anything, aside from poking every FIFTEEN SECONDS which means NOTHING because I poke, and they immediately come in, and I'm like "derp" because I can't even f*cking attack, unless I wanna get piled and do absolutely no damage cause I got a LANTERN like an idiot (again, this item is completely, and absolutely horrible on kha'zix). So around my second blue Talon comes in to steal it, and I'm just not even able to clear well at this point. I need blue to spam W to clear- now I don't have blue for my 100 mana spell, on my 550 mana pool. I clear on the way to bot, and then I'm oom. Can't even finish anyone off in a perfect gank- I mean they were so overextended it should've been a sinch.

But things only continue to get worse, and top is feeding, and I'm starting to fall off already because my build is just total garbage, and I wanna leave at 9:00 minutes in. I've already made a crucial mistake, the team doesn't want to listen, and I don't even care- I just want to leave so I can do another game and not make the mistake I just made again. But no, 11:00 minutes minimum I have to sit in this ****fest completely bored. BUT NO. TEAM DOESN'T WANT TO SURRENDER. So it's a total of 45 minutes I'm in this god-awful match where I'm having no fun, I can't assist my team anymore than a character with no skills- I'm shut down by their ADC any time I try to move in to kill her (Vayne), they have four stuns, two displacers, and a silence. So any chance of me killing anyone is just abyssmal. I don't have the Kha'zix signature burst, and I have to evolve my E so late that I've gotten 14 deaths because they can just advance on me so easily- or escape me without even using Flash.

So my question is how am I supposed to have fun in this situation? This doesn't just happen once. What if I'm playing X champion and I try X build, but it's far worse than I thought it would be, and I get a similar team? How am I supposed to resist the urge to just leave? How do they expect you to want to sit through this ****? People should be streaming these kinds of matches, so it can be known what LoL is really like.