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Raqequits, rankpoints and afkers Oh My!

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I have had many great games ruined by leavers and ragequiters and even afkers who just want to get to level 30 before they play competitively. And I've been thinking of ways to solve this.
A. Add an exp/inf/rank points(more on these later) subtraction for rage quitting. Have the value start high and decrease over time so that you will not be penalized to hard for leaving against a team of overpowered heroes who spend their time farming you instead of ending the game when it get stacked. Another possibility could be a 10 minute lockout on all leavers. This would give them the incentive to just finish the game instead of quit and find a noobstomp.
B. Make Exp/inf/rankpoint rewards variable. The more you accomplish in one game, the more experience you should earn. Likewise if you join a game and slack off or go afk you should earn significantly less experience then those who participated. Even if you win.

I personally love the summoner and experience system. It adds that much more to the game, but you could make more even teams by creating a rank system to go along with all of the rest. You gain rank points when you win, and you lose rank points when you lose. But in the beginning the number of points you need to progress is very few and you lose almost no points for a loss. However, as you reach higher ranks you will require more points to continue to level and your losses will be more costly. Arranged teams will average out their rank points to determine who they are grouped against.
Using these rank points it should make matches much more balanced and therefore more enjoyable and beginner friendly.
Also toss the tops spots something aesthetically nifty like a gold border or exclusive skins for their characters.

Cheers Riot! And happy hunting.

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lol i played sologames vs bot to lvl up, a game took 12 mins with megling gunner