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Veigar the Rager and Warwick the Cheap

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Everytime I play with a Veigar, he rages in chat no matter if we win or lose. Is this like, some Veigar tradition? Cuz I'm lvl26 and in my whole LoLplay there has never been a Veigar who has been friendly. Literally never.

And Warwick. I hate Warwick. Playing with him, in a team fight he literally keeps jungling even if he is near the team fight. Never have I seen a Warwick who decided to join and help the team fight. Never. I hate versing him because of his suppress ult and the fact that he sticks to targets while dealing consistent damage JUST cuz he has a chase ability. He seems like a champ who needs no skill at all. I just find him incredibly cheap.....

And last of all, I hate Teemo's shrooms.

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Are you stealing Veigar's farm?

I get ranty when people steal my farm and I'm playing Veigar. He snowballs like a beast, but if someone's wandering in and killing all of his minions before he gets the opportunity to kill them, you're not only making the game worse for him, but you're also making the game worse for your entire team.

Veigar isn't so good to start with, and when people on his own team gimp his play, it's pretty much a good reason to rage.