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Swain OP?

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I don't want to be one of those losers that lurks the forums and shouts OP every time he loses his lane, but I really feel like in this case there was very little I could've done better. I played Ryze against Swain (kinda), which isn't the greatest matchup, but at least as far as I know it's not terrible either. I took ManaRegen reds (only because I'm poor, I know there are better), Armor yellows, MR blues, and AP quints.
I went mid against a Kha'Zix, but after about 3 minutes in lane Wukong, who was top against Swain, asked for a swap. He had already given a kill. Upon arriving I had boots and a tear (and some pots) and he had boots, a blue crystal, and a red crystal. I was less than half a level behind. I was immediately zoned, and literally couldn't get in farm range without getting chunked by Swain's combo. My damage was pitiful compared to his, and he would just shrug it off. Cuz you know. Swain. Also important to note that he had like 72 AP with no AP items. I didn't even know that kind of number was possible just off runes and masteries, but apparently it is.
I counter-built, rushing a Banshee's and trying to hug turret, but eventually Swain could just dive me while I was at full health and walk out, because I had no choice but to let him freefarm. He was ridiculously ahead and I was impossibly far behind. Is Swain as stupid as he seemed during my game with him, or is there some aspect of laning against him that I'm missing?

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Ifhe's that aggressive and you're that behind(cuz he has a kill on you) you need to get a jungle to gank. Ryze need's his tear/catalyst and because of swain's sustain with R you need to get aggressive on him early. It's a hard match up against ryze. You need to dodge his W (the immobilise) and that'll save you a lot of HP. You need to damage test also... at around level 3. Q W him and run away... watch what he does if he E and Q's you run away from it to save some HP and see how much damage you did to him and how much he did to you, this is how you will decide how this lane will go. At level 4 you need to do it again(if not make this time the first time you damage test)
because when ryze Q W E it will reset his CD on Q so it'll be Q W E Q, you should be able to trade with him at level 4. He should be afraid of you now.

Some small notes that have a big impact, are how much potions he has/items completed, etc... IDK if you noticed but some pro players will spend most of their gold at level just on pots(13 health pots, or 10 health pots 3 mana pots) because if you can harass your opponent while he harasses you... EVEN IF he harasses harder, if you have more sustain than him, you can bully him out of lane. Remember that when an enemy backs, you gain and advantage on him. Even if it's small(Sometimes it's huge if you push 1-2+ waves of creeps to tower before he gets there)it's still none the less an advantage even if small.