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Help in Spanish Pls ;-;

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My english is bad, i hope you understand me xd.

English with translate:

My LoL is wrong, from a recent formatting, I did my pc:

The problems:
- When starting invite me to play, I can not enter and get kicked out.
- When I went to a game, I disconnected the server.
- If I opened facebook or something, I disconnected the server.
- If chat in LoL and I do nothing, I disconnected the server.
- Sometimes when starting and select accept champion, just wait until I have to go to intuitively game loading screen.

All I do is restart the game, but sometimes I have to restart several times.

My pc: http://i.imgur.com/n7tdbqT.png
And I have installed: http://i.imgur.com/LO39ADR.png

Before, this did not happen, and I don´t know what I have to do, help pls T_T!

PD: I've reinstalled the game, and I gave him "repair" from the first screen.

Text in spanish, original xD:

Mi LoL no anda bien, a partir de un formateo reciente, que hice a mi pc:

Los problemas:
- Cuando me invitan a partida, no puedo ingresar y quedo afuera.
- Cuando no entré a una partida, me desconecta el servidor.
- Si abrí facebook u otra cosa, me desconecta el servidor.
- Si chateo en LoL y no hago otra cosa, me desconecta el servidor.
- A veces, cuando acepte partida y seleccione campeón, solo tengo que esperar hasta que por intuición pase a pantalla de cargar juego.

Lo único que hago es reiniciar el juego, pero a veces tengo que reiniciarlo varias veces.

Mi pc:http://i.imgur.com/n7tdbqT.png
Y tengo instalado: http://i.imgur.com/LO39ADR.png

PD: Ya he reinstalado el juego, y ya le di "reparar" desde la primera pantalla.

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UP! Don´t forget it, i need help ;-;.