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Rydex, The Rampaging Beast [Champion Concept]

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Metallic Voodoo



Please Leave comments i would love to have some advice from the community for this guy and i will have concept art shortly

Rydex, The Rampaging Beast

He a rhox(half human half rhino) wearing Jarven like armor can carrying a huge hammer

-----------story(work in progress)--------------------
probably something to do with rune war or something to do with demacia
-----------base states/per level stat gains--------
Health: 455 (+90)
Regeneration(5s): 7(+0.64)
Mana: 260(+35)
Damage: 55.66(+3.5)
Attack speed:0.625(+3.48%)
Magic resistance:30(+1.25)
Movement Speed: 330

---------------abilities(work in progress)------------

Passive: Defiant

Rydex builds a defiant stack whenever he gets cced. If Rydex gets cced and he has 5 stacks on defiant he blocks the next cc effect on him.(consumes Stacks when cc is blocked) Max stacks:5

Q: Shatter CD: 10 Mana:

Rydex swing is hammer at target

W: Hard Headed CD: 15 Seconds Mana:

Passive: Rydex gains a bonus 5/10/13/17/20% armor and Magic resistance

Active: Rydex gains 5 stacks of Defiant for 5 seconds but loses Hard Headed Passive till Hard Headed is off of CD

E: Charge CD:15/15/12/12/10. Mana: Rydex is not able to cast(non-summoner)spells during this time

Rydex gains 40% percent bonus moment speed for 4.5 second knocking enemy units that he hits aside(like Draven's E) then slowing their movement speed by 30% for 2 seconds dealing X amount of damage

R: BATTER UP! CD: 75/70/65 seconds Mana:100/80/60

Rydex jumps forward Suppressing target champion for 0.5 seconds he then swings his hammer towards targeted champion in a wide arch knocking back any champion stuck in the arch 75% of the distance he traveled dealing X amount of damage to targeted enemy and half of that to an enemy caught in knock back effect (about the distance of a Malphite ult).

-------------Ability animations(work in Progress)---------

Passive: Defiant

when at 5 stacks a ring will float around him (looking kinda like a mini Maokia Ult


W: Hard Headed
when activated Rydex will scream something(to be decided)

E: name to be decide
Will be decide when ability is chosen


jumps at target slamming them on the ground he them gets behind them and fully swings hammer in a wide arch at target ( the target will be in the middle of the staff part of hammer)

I know lots of character stats are incomplete for now I'm close to having those in but this will give u basic idea of this champion

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Metallic Voodoo



anyone have any suggestion or critiques i open to all

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Metallic Voodoo