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[Guide] Shen the Ninja Tank

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If you start jungling with green pot its considerably faster then cloth armor. Just another option when jungling if you dont mind the 300g set back.

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Honestly, I think a lot of Shen's are stuck in nostalgia for the days when feint was really good. If you take one point in shen's other skills and just rush for feint rank 5, you will get it at level 9. At that point, you are basically blocking 2 olaf auto-attacks. And you neglected your other skills. And you just used a quarter of your energy bar. And dash costs more because you didn't level it. And feint's usefulness continues to plummet as carries get uber farmed (because that feint is literally one carry auto-attack at level 18).

I mean taking Feint isn't exactly bad, its just, in my opinion, Shen can take the skill or leave it. It just isn't nearly as important as dash (or vorpal in my opinion).

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A lot of people don't know this, but you can cancel your ult and the person will still get the shield. So a lot of times i will ultimate my carry in a team fight and if hes close '
i'll just cancel out of it and taunt the people attacking him.

Ok that's great. But the question is: How?

-I tried it in so many ways and nothing worked.


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Celtic Jack

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Shen is one of my favorite champs to play. After playing him for a while and testing out a few different builds, I've found one that really works well for me.

Item-wise I usually start with a regent pendant and a health potion. I try to lane with a support or a ranged dps if it works that way, but Shen can also take a solo lane fairly well with all the self heals. I spend the entire early part of the game just farming the creeps up. Shen is really easy to get last hits with if you time Vorpal Blade and Ki Strike. Oftentimes I have 60+ creep kills by 10 or 11 minutes in.

As soon as I get 2175 gold I head back to town to grab Heart of Gold and Merc Treads. After that I usually try to farm up the rest of my Warmog's before the team fights start really happening. For summoner spells I've been taking Flash and Teleport lately so I can stay in the lane a lot more to get minions and xp. Once I hit 6 I start trying to get a few early ganks by ulting in to let someone tower dive or something. (You get assist credit for just ulting, even if the enemy dies before you actually get there)

For the rest of my items, I usually finish up Randuin's, get another Warmog's and then a FoN. After that I just grab another situational armor item and maybe a GA if it lasts that long. Once I get the second Warmog's and the FoN, I have 4.5k-5k hp and almost 150/5 regen.

I get Vorpal first for farming and to harass enemies. The increased healing also allows me and my lane partner to stay out for longer, and the higher damage lets me get that person turret hugging if I pop Feint on the way in. I find that the taunt doesn't do a whole lot for me early on with the short duration, so I prioritize survival and damage. It also makes grabbing buffs and the dragon really easy.

In team fights, what the op posted is a really good way to go. Taunt the person who is most in need of getting effed up. I also usually save Vorpal for hitting that person who's running or to heal a teammate a little bit. In fights where we catch the other team a bit in the open I'll usually dash/flash into the middle, pop Randuin's and Feint, and just attack people until the taunt comes up. If someone runs I just follow on their rear until taunt comes up and then I stop them for my ally to kill them.

I sometimes like grabbing the red buff for the slow effect, since Shen is so good at getting to people to put the slow on them. Also, with as much hp as I get stacked up, Ki Strike hits pretty hard. I've gotten a lot of runaway kills by dashing through some terrain or flashing near someone and taking out a good 200-300 of their hp with Ki Strike.

I've also recently tried experimenting with a Sheen on him. It makes farming creeps a lot easier early on, and with the spammability of his skills, allows you to do some decent damage in a fight. I just feel kinda wasteful with that mana thing, and it takes a little effort to change the creep farming patterns after getting so used to doing it without the Sheen.

Anyways, feel free to contact me in game, ScarycrowJack, or critique my stuff here.

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The Risus

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I find Leviathan to be a great item, just because Shen is already naturally tanky. I always rack up 20+ assists and almost NEVER die, and I manage to hit 20 stacks around 20:00 or 25:00. Once you get maxed Leviathan... Shen is pretty much unkillable.
My item build is always shield -> heart of gold/boots -> leviathan -> upgrade boots
It works wonders every game.