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Loss Prevented for ranked games re: bug last night

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Is there any thread where there is mention of this?

At that mass-connect last night, I was a couple minutes away from a great ranked win.

Of course, my entire team DC'd, and we lost.

I'd really like a loss-prevented, as I am in a series.

Has there been any discussion of any recourse for this?

I'm not raging, but it should be easy enough for Riot to hit the "loss prevented" button after what happened last night.

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My understanding is that Loss Forgiveness needs to be activated during the game. Since Riot did not activate Loss Forgiveness during the downtime some Summoners were experiencing, the outcomes of the games played last night will not change.

For future reference, Loss Forgiveness is only activated in "worst-case" scenarios, where the entire region's server experiences service disruption. The issue last night was not on Riot's end, it was with a 3rd party ISP that was performing maintenance.

Sorry about the loss last night. Happens to everyone once in a while. Happy summoning!

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Our senior Wrenchman discusses the problems last night [here (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=3196191)]. It was an ISP issue that was causing a significant amount of players to have disconnects and unplayable lag. Unfortunately, since it wasn't a client-side issue or problem that Riot themselves were having, just a major ISP problem Riot cannot give out a Loss Forgiveness to the players.

Additionally, since Loss Forgiveness would affect all players (Not just affected ones), it would unfairly affect the majority of players by having their LP gains last night cut in half, as well as giving a lot of players who lost under normal circumstances forgiven losses for issues a minority of players suffered (Although the minority of players were fairly significant)