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Champion Selection: A Love Letter

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Yes, even though you get a timer on when you can play again, dodging really works when it comes to gaining elo/points. In season 2, I went from 900 to over 1300 by dodging toxic games. If our team lost and no one was toxic, I was perfectly fine with that because I still was able to enjoy the game. It might be a pain waiting those 15-30 minutes, but I would recommend you find a tv show online that you like so that you can pass the time while you wait for the timer to go down. :]

I am very against dodging... but lately I am wondering.
If I dodged, I'd lose 5 LP and 5 Minutes.

I lost 21LP and 40 minutes for that game, and for what? I am really not sure anymore...

Off topic: WTF is a "huntsman", never saw that before.

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how about doing 1 of 2 things, or both

1 randomizing pick order, so that you may get any pick position in any matchmade game for champ select.

2. role preferences, pretty much make a list of the positions (mid,top,sup,adc,jung) and have players check off what they are willing to play when they queue up, that way, you can have more games where more people are willing to play each role. This will affect queue times , with players willing to play any role having shorted queues than those that have chose less positions, but it can get a better team comp and cooperation in champ select, where a some sort of label should show up next to each players name showing what role they are "selected for" for that particular game.

also should be a report button or something at champ select for those "mid ap tryn or feed/afk/troll" type of players.

just my 2 cents

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I initially thought a WoW-style system would be good, where we queue with preferences.

But then I realized that the way it is currently works is great for those of us who are willing to support and jungle. The other side often has someone who didn't want those roles, so they are just going to do poorly on average.

If we had a WoW-style queuing system, people would choose jungle/support just to reduce their queue times (think tanks/healers vs dps in WoW). Then all games would suck because they didn't really want to do those off roles. The queuing preferences would provide poor incentives.

The current system actually provides the correct incentive: learn to love and do all roles well, and you will have better games.

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I've been extremely busy and unfortunately haven't had as much time to jump on the forums. Other Rioters have pointed me to the various threads discussing Pick Order, Call Order and Champion Select Lobby in general.

When I have a moment of free time, I promise I'll jump on the forums and dive into the deep end discussing this topic with you guys--probably not this week, but it's something I want to do soon.

Lyte, I have read your post and I really thank you for taking time to reply, as I know you are incredibly busy.

I look forward to the discussion you have mentioned, and if there is a way that I can be involved, please do let me know.

Thank you for your reply-- it really made me feel as if my concerns were in some way validated.