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Skins ideas: Sport Skin

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Some characters already have sports skin like:
Blitzcrank - Goalkeeper
Ezreal - Soccer
Akali - Soccer
Katarina - Referee
Alistar - Matador
The skin with a * already exist.
Hecarim - Polo
Ziggs - Bowling
Fiora - Fencing
Orianna - Volleyball
Darius and Pantheon - Basketball
*Trundle - Baseball (Lil' Slugger Trundle)
*Blitzcrank - Boxe (Boom Boom Blitzcrank)
Rengar - Rugby
Nautilus - Climbing
Ashe - Archery
Ahri and Syndra - Dodgeball
Caitlyn - Shooting
*Lee Sin - (Muay Thai Lee Sin)