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Make the Bedtime Fiora and Soccer star Ahri skins?

YES PLEASE! 5 100%
No I dont want it 0 0%
Voters 5 .

[SKIN] For Fiora and Ahri

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This idea has been flowing in my mind for a long time i've had the idea for Bedtime Fiora and Soccer Star Ahri. Fiora's new weapon for the skin is a candle stick, while Ahri uses a soccer ball as a energy orb that she uses to attack. Fiora's garb is a a red and white striped pajama outfit the stripes I pictured are verticle, Ahri's garb is a soccer uniform with what I pictured a white uniform with black shorts her socks are long and white as a usual soccer player wears them. Ahri has a specific ult, its the same but its like when viktor uses his move to leave a hole in the dirt. Ahri leaves that imprint in the dirt but you also see dirt fly up when she makes the mark in the dirt. Fiora however has no specific qualities to her moves but I know Riot can make some good ideas about it.

Hopefully these skins are made in some time.