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Hi guys just an idea for a champ. Thumbs up if you thinks it cool, and should be taken in consideration for design


Passive- War Essence, grimm harnesses the spirits of the dead, by walking over souls or using summon death. smierc can store 15 souls at maximum. Minion deaths will drop one soul, larger minons will drop 2 souls, dragon drops 3 souls baron drops 5 souls and a killing a champion grants 10, while champion assist will drop a soul worth 5 souls.

Q- Death's grasp. Cost 1,2,3,4,5 cd 8- grimm summon the arms of the dead to errupt from the earth in a cone, dealing damage to all in
the cone, absorbing any souls dropped and spreading infect or famine to all in the cone if a marked individual are in the cone. During apocalypse
Death's cleave: grimm swings her cleaver, dealing damage 360* around smierc. Has increased range than summon death and applies same effects. Also becomes untargettable for .5 seconds after being cast

W- Infect Cost 1,2,3,4,5 cd 10- grimminfects a target with a plague, marking them. If smirc hits the target with summon death, infect will spread to all those in the cone, as well as resetting the duration of infect on the first target.

E- Soul feed .cost-1,2,3,4,5 cd 15- grimm sends chain attaching herself to a target, slowing their movement and draining their health. If grimm hits the target with summon death, all in the cone are affected by famine. Additionally, recasting Famine will cause grimm to dash towards her first target.

R- Apocalypse Cost10, cd 100 - For 15 seconds grimm summons her scythe, her attacks becoming ranged and gaining access to death scythe. ecoming untargettable for .5 seconds everytime death cleave is casted.
Reactivating R causes grimm to channel for 1 seconds. Afterwards, she dashes to the target location (twice the range of malphites ult initially, increases with levels), becoming untragetable during the duration, and marking all targets in area (about half the radius of pantheons ult) and dealing damage on landing. Marked targets will be rendered completely immobile by famine for 2 seconds or silenced for 2 seconds, if they are casted on the targets marked by apocalpyse.