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Why can one teamfight turn the game around?

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Senior Member


I don't like this, I don't think one mistake can result in a loss.

I didn't think there were actually people who thought this way. I don't mean that as an insulting gesture, just stating my true amazment.

LoL is a game that will punish a poorly timed mistake very hard; in fact most games are this way. If you want to play a game where being ahead can set you up to lose a little and keep going strong then I would suggest playing an RTS like StarCraft 2 or the Warhammer 40k series.

Even in those games a "small mistake" can lead to a spiral that losses the game but for the most part if you make good use of your time while you're ahead you can take steps to protect yourself from possible mistakes.

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Mavrik V



LoL is a game entirely designed around punishing mistakes. How hard is it to press 4 buttons, help teammates, and last hit minions? Not hard, but what happens when you fail to do any of those things? You get handed, verify. Endgame, death timers are 45-65s, and champions can solo push turrets in 5-10s. You die and you lose; it's simple.

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Don't make game throwing mistakes than? If you're already ahead you shouldn't get straight up aced in a teamfight unless the other team outplays you and you than deserve to lose.