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Soon-to-be 30 needs ranked player advice

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"I wanna be ready with a champ or two I'm proficient with once that time come"

Right there is your first problem. You need to go into ranked games ready to play any ROLE the team needs. You can't go in thinking, "I'll be our team's DPS/mage/tank", you never know who will get banned and who the people ahead of you pick. You should be proficient with 10-15 champs at least I would say, if not more.

Say you are last pick, your team already has enough physical and magic damage. Do you:

a. Pick Vlad and say "I'll build tanky"
b. Pick an actual tank
c. Ignore team needs and play w/e champ you "main"

I want to see your answer to this, trying to help not intended to be mean

TL;DR: Be ready to play one of the following roles at a moments notice: Physical DPS, Mage, Support, Tank

Being good at several champs in each role will make you an all around good player and a great teammate. For the love of god, don't be one of the guys that says, "I can only tank as Amumu and they banned him! Sorry I can't tank but I'm a good Teemo!"

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So, at the moment, I'm level 22. Within a couple weeks or so, I'll be 30, and ready to play solo ranked games. I know sort of how it works: ban some champs, then pick from those that haven't been banned.

I wanna be ready with a champ or two I'm proficient with once that time come. So, please tell me how often each of these champs are banned, and how effective they are in high-intensity play when they AREN'T banned.


A few of them I've played, a few others I have my eye on. Vladimir is my main champion at the moment.

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: Added Garen

Look... Ill make this as simple and short as I can for solo ranked...

Bans: The trend of bans is and will be for some time champs who the vast majority of the players consider to be "op" or if you will "Game Changers" Such as garen with this spin2win and r2win abilties or amumu who can just wreck your whole day if played well and jungled correctly... This is the best way I can describe it. I could get a ton more indepth about the reasons why specific champs get banned 90% of the time but I think you get my point here.

The Champs you Play: Look if you are serious and really wanted to play ranked and do well in any regard this is my suggestion to you... Play the holy living **** out of normal after level 30 save your ip and fill out at least 3 rune pages thats for starters.. Buy at least 20 champs yes I said 20 either with ip or rp I would prefer RP for the simple fact that in order to be any kind of decent in ranked you need to have full rune sets for the various champs out there... Now going back on the point of why I said at least 20 champs? Look 5 champs are going to get banned from the start so no one gets to play them... then lets say you get last pick on your team 4 of your teammates are going to pick before you AND the other team picks before you as well so that means 8 to 9 depending on if the other teams last person gets to pick before you do that comes out to a grand total of either 14 or 13 champs you DO NOT get the chance to play as... so that only leaves 7 to 6 champs you have + the weekly champs if they are different from the ones you already have bought.... Now out of the few remaining champs you have left you have to pick what the team needs such as a tank ooooor a support ooooooooooor a ap hard carry oooooorrrrr a ad hard carry.... And you better know how to play said champ as well because if you do not know how to play said champ then you will only end up feeding and you will loose your ranked game and your fellow teammates will make fun of you all game long and no one likes to feel like a tard. Also RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH you must research the champs you play, learn the correct mastery builds, learn the correct item builds and what you should and should not use depending on the other team comp this is very very important to you staying alive and or being able to kill the other team... Learn which runes you should use for each champ, read as many strategies as you can for each champ to get a feel and nice points on how said champ should be played, laned, solo laned or jungled with... They will also teach you how to gank in the best manner with said champ or how to tank and so on and so on...

Knowing how to Play: Look the difference between level 29 and below and level 30 specially in a ranked and very competitive game compared to pub games (normal) is vast and huge... You are expected to know the champ you are playing, you are expected to have map awareness and know what your team and the other champs are doing... As well as know where they are most times (90%+) this is achieved with wards, mushrooms, jack in the boxes, wriggles lantern and so on and so on... You are expected to know how to gank, how to turtle how to push a lane how to deny a solo lane exp and gold, you are also expected how to play the champ you picked in a team fight situation... Meaning if you picked Veigar and you are going DEEEDADEEEE I CAN INITIATE TEAM FIGHTS! You will fail and you will die and your team will die as a result of you being a tard and they will hate you and call you all sorts of unsavory names. Also it is expected of you to know how far you can extend on the map... I see it all the time people who extend all the way up a lane by them there lonesome trying to push a lane with no tower of there own in sight and no other champ around them while they have no clue where the enemy is hoping to baby jesus that they dont get noticed and then 5 rabid champs come out and gank you because you are overextended with no help around you and no tower to run too it makes me die a little on the inside each time I see it.. These are the things that are expected of you and how you should and should not play... If you do not wish to be stuck in low elo hell where all these nice things go out the window and people play like baboons with no common sense then please take to heart what I have typed and it will help you in the long run.
Buy more then 2 champs
research your champs
play at least 300 normal game at lvl 30 first
watch videos and read strats at such places like www.leaguecraft.com (http://www.leaguecraft.com) and profit