Quinn Skin Idea: Dragonwing Quinn

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Hello fellow summoners and Riot employees!
I started playing as Quinn and Valor when they first came out and I love the champ! I was thinking that a Dragonwing Quinn would be absolutely fantastic. I'm attaching a few photos for reference as I'm not much of a pen to paper artist

First Valor the Dragon: I am attaching a silhouette of one that I find to be an appealing design for a dragon. More elegant and suited to flying than Shyvana Dragon form that seems more like a ground fighting monster. Very little about the effect for the character would have to be changed, the only thing I can think of would be to take away the feathers from her Q.

Now Quinn: I think that something like This:http://denyaraythern.files.wordpress...mour-black.jpg
Would be perfect for her, along with a Gauntlet like This:http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-XJPJ4nzWvW...keGauntlet.jpg only in black.
Tell me what you guys think!

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Yes please.