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Lulu with Rabadon's Deathcap

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Junior Member


This was something I drew while practising the tools in my program.

The first image is the rough sketch, the second image is the coloring if I did it normally and the third image is when I was experimenting with different functions.

Please feel free to offer any advice, tips or criticisms that you may have.

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Hastur Annie



Hey! First off, this is an awesome sketch :3 I can see this looking very cool when you're finished, if you're still working on it!
Though on your third image, I think you pumped up the saturation a bit high that the colors are starting to look a little unnatural. I'd say to stick with image 2's colors, and if you're going for a blacklight effect, just emphasize some of the shadows you have already and maybe add a few on the sleeves and hair.