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Low Elo

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Curtis Tanguay

Senior Member


Hello everyone and thank you for reading.

I'll start off my saying im just some Silver III player who primarily plays blind pick (total games about 2500).

I just wanted to share some insight on what i see to be the main causes of why i win games, lose games and occasionally hate my fellow man.

Why do i lose? Usually for one of the following reasons:

Poor ward coverage which led to the enemy team getting a 4v5 and forcing some form of objective we than had no business trying to defend and tried anyway.

Getting cocky. Sometimes you get an early lead, you got a sweet counter pick, you got a "OP" champ that is usually banned or you got to pick your main. for whatever the reason its really important that you respect your opponent.

Closing the game. This is something my and my friends that i play with regularly SUCK at and it costs us a lot of games. We are bad at beating teams who are turtle-ing. Whats more embarrassing is sometimes we will get a huge lead early game and not pressure objectives with it and just kill them over and over and than we throw etc. Don't do this, and if you figure out how, let me know.

Respect your team mate. Sometimes players so really stupid ****. These are common at all Elo not just low Elo. the difference is that the line between whats stupid or not gets finer the higher you go. So you make a play, it turns out it was a horrible play, but you only realized it after the fact. Its the same for your allies (and enemies) so dont beat them over the head with it.

Why do i win sometimes? Here are some reasons:

Obviously doing the opposite / not doing at all- the things that make me lose.

Good team synergy. This includes working together, chaining CC's. communication, following up on plays with your team. knowing when to group or sweep lanes. team comp such as if full AD than have good AR shred also etc etc.

Building items in a smart fashion. If you see a double AP comp or other AP mid gets a good lead etc than talk about building MR. discuss who is rushing Bulwark.

But hey, im not perfect and ranked or even blind can be infuriating specially since im a support main. When you get mad its usually important to get un-mad really quickly.

People often spend a lot of time typing when they are giving someone **** for a play. this is a waste of time really because you're losing out on farm or losing map presence. Solution? I try to make sure i have some Earl Grey tea or ice water close by, you'll kinda have to figure out what works for you.

Finally, about DC's or trolls. its 50-50 guys. This doesnt mean its fair, or fun but it does mean you are just going to have to get used to it. sometimes if in your favour, sometimes its not.