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How to exponentially increase your winning chances this game in under 5 minutes

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Let's face it
League of Legends is not a hard game to play
It does not take overwhelming amounts of skill and extraordinary amounts of practice for a normal person to play the game well and enjoy it.

Is it really that difficult to point and click?
Is it really that difficult to manage 6-7 (item hotkeys) buttons?
Do "Skill-Shots" really take that much skill?

hell no

if you have a mental capacity greater than a 6 year old you should be able to play well.

so why are there still people who are bad at this game?

The answer is:
They want to be rambo, they want to be able to play as if it were a button masher (if you want to do that, I suggest you play Sona, otherwise gtfo)

Why do you suck if you play this game the same way you play street fighter?

This is a numbers game
a game of judgement, logic and reasoning.

What separates the good players from the bad is not so much skill, but their understanding of the game mechanics, the items they build and FREAKIN COMMON SENSE

When playing they always keep in mind the numbers. Everything in the game revolves around numbers and judgement:

You should always keep track of the money you can spend on items to enhance your stats, Your HP, the damage you can deal with auto attacks and abilities, the mana/energy you use to cast the abilities and the length of the cooldowns, range etc. etc.

Always know how much damage you can deal in bursts do an enemy and how much they can do back to you
I mean, I've seen melee characters chase mages like Ryze and Annie only for them to come off cooldown, turn around and insta-gib them.

There's the saying: "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer"
Know your friends well, but your enemies better

understand the abilities your allies can use to help you escape or ensure a kill, but don't rely on them,

Know your opponent's abilities and the ways they can escape or kill you even better
estimate the range of the other team's abilities, be ready to dodge skill shots, move out of range or be positive you can survive the abilities if you are in range.

Always be prepared for the worst case scenario, never commit to a kill and don't chase enemies when they have teammates who are still alive.

especially when they have teammates mia

Wards can expel some insecurities and if you have proper map awareness I don't discourage towerdiving or extending a little to get kills and give your team an advantage


Don't EVER go tower diving a low HP Shaco when there's a Taric next to him unless the tower is dead or your entire team is behind you

You need to KNOW what the enemy can do to you
UNDERSTAND their abilities, their passives and which summoner spells they took
PREDICT their possible combos and how much damage they can do to you

everything in this game is FREAKIN COMMON SENSE

There are so many of you who lack common sense its not even funny.
If by any chance you used it or discover it in some freak accident you will be a better player.

Once common sense is established you should be able to see how it correlates with EVERYTHING ELSE IN THE GAME

I mean, wards?
Why are wards important?
Cuz they let you see the enemy. Derp

Everything in the game has a use and a good counter, it takes simple common sense to find it.

Now this brings me to my next point:
Strategy and Item builds.

if you see that the other team is built around AOE rapefests, spread out, don't let them take all of you out at the same time, understand the range of their ults etc. and move to make sure you don't get caught in them.

If the other team is a poke team, force them into an enclosed area by luring them into the jungle and then take out all of them at the same time

If they're tanky but deal no damage, outpush them

If they have group pushes, leave 3-4 people to defend and split push their other lanes.

Every strategy has a counter as does every item

Item builds are mainly what makes High Elo so different from the hell I'm trapped in. The players up there know the items and the stats they give. They're not afraid to get multiple Doran's items if they're being harassed in lane. They aren't afraid to vary up their item builds to suit the other team.

Yet all over the forums you see
"Which is the BEST item build for X champion?"

There is an IDEAL item build, but that is COMPLETELY different.
an IDEAL build assumes you have infinite money and for the other team to be ******ed.
Well guess what Dorothy? We ain't in Kansas anymore

In a game you have to consider not only your own champion and the way you're dealing damage, but the items and abilities of the other team

Don't have a static item build that you use no matter what for a champion
Don't build glass cannon carries. Ever.

Always use tab to check the other team's builds and predict what they will build then counter it.

If you're a mage and you see Amumu with a Negatron cloak and two pendants, and then their carries with banshee's veils or merc treads. why the hell are you stacking pure AP? Get some freaking M pen. or if you are a character capable of building hybrid, DO IT

When going into a game have a general idea of what you want to build on your champion, but if the going gets tough
change it up
get survivability if you're a glass cannon
get armor pen or magic pen
get better boots
buy elixers
buy wards

All you need to do is understand the game and use common sense

it felt good to write that

now get out there and freaking buy wards, buy elixers, counter the other team's builds
change your strategies to suit the other team, don't play into their hands

unless you're playing against me, in which case you can forget everything you've read and screw around


Freaking use common sense when you play the game, I swear my 10 year old sister could probably school some of you guys if she could click the mouse faster.

*disclaimer: This may or may not actually improve your game play and it may or may not take more than 5 minutes for you to improve, and I haven't really written all I have to say yet

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+1 For Justice!

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Senior Member


Holy great wall of text, Batman!

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Senior Member


Pretty sure a 6 year old would have trouble keeping track of the dozen different numbers that you listed as necessary to keep track of in there, pal. I stopped reading at the 2nd paragraph.

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Senior Member


Too dry, didn't read.

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Junior Member


Yeh know the stuff you wrote makes sense but it starts off with an illogical statement:

"if you have a mental capacity greater than a 6 year old you should be able to play well."

My little brother is 8 and sure as hell wouldn't be able to handle all of what you wre talking about so just so yeh know being a little less of a self righteous ******* wont turn people away if you truly want to help.

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Senior Member


tu wong; no weed

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I want my scrolling time back to much text, to little organization.

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Learning and mastering one champion is easy of course. But to be good at this game you cannot only play one champion can you? Pretty sure you're twelve year old sister would not be able to remember the skills of more then a few champs.

Seems like a long QQ post. Downvote.

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Senior Member


Pick Amumu/Galio w/ flash/ghost.

I just summed up the thread title, and probably most of the post.