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Ap carries on SR will never know the fury.

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Troy Spiral:
what is it about BFT that makes it better on DoTs than regular APs? Im going through how it works in my head and i guess im just dumb. *thinks*

The DoT from BFT lasts for 2 seconds. A one-off spell will activate it once, for 2 seconds. A DoT will keep activating BFT making it last for the duration of your DoT+2 seconds.

Taking singed poison for example. You get poisoned for 3 seconds if you touch it. Therefore you'll get 5 ticks of BFT DoT. In a 3v3, once all your enemies engage and are poisoned. You can guarantee that you will DoT them for 15 ticks in total at the very least, even if everyone of them just briefly touch the poison and start the initial tick only.