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iM Cartermatic SoloQ Stream! Good Music!

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iM Cartermatic

Junior Member


Hey all my name is Carter and I am a wanna be streamer! I am very new at this but would appreciate you stopping by and saying hi in chat or staying and watching my games! Right now im going to be streaming Solo Q ranked games (Mid Gold) and possibly an aram every once in a while! Tips are greatly appreciated and I can give tips also. If you have any advice on how to stream well or anything else I should be doing let me know! Thanks all!

Link to stream : http://www.twitch.tv/imcartermatic

I know I am not the best or most knowledgeable LoL player out there but i consider myself to be above average and know quite a bit about the game! So once again please stop by and let me know how I am doing!
EDIT: I play alot of Mid and ADC!
P.S. Comment in here also if it is easier for you.