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Recruiting Player for Ranked 5's American Team

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Looking for a 5v5 AMERICAN Ranked Team! xxXLegionXxx
Available Slots: 1 Support Players, 1 Jungler, 2 Players Top, 2 ADC Players, and 1 AP Mid Players!

Must be in Silver League+. And also willing to play in tournaments for cash prizes and stuff!

I play best at AP Mid and Jungler (Warwick and Katarina/Ziggs). Im not the best there is but I do good w/ teams that know how to treat Jungler (ESPECIALLY Warwick). My elo is **** now cuz i just got back in ELO Hell due to trolls and AFK'ers. All players of the team must be active for atleast 2-4 Team Games a Week! (SUPPORT AND AP MID MUST BE ACTIVE MORE THAN THE OTHERS BECAUSE THE DO NOT HAVE SUBS DUE TO THE CAUSE OF THE 8 PLAYER LIMIT!) Please choose the role where you are best at! ^ ^