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[SUGGESTION] Australian Server

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Okay guys, its been about long enough now that this has been going on.

Around about when the new 3v3 map came out, all Australians began suffering Extremely high ping. Now, for those of you who don't live in Australia, I'm going to put you in a situation to understand where i'm coming from.

Now, the ranked queue has just started and you have gotten into the lobby. all lanes are sorted out and you are supporting Ezreal with as Nidalee, the loading screen hits and you have 700 ping compared to the usual 200. when you get ingame, you see the enemy graves is open for a spear, so you throw it. with the new high amount of delay (3.5x More then what you're used too) and you miss the spear. this happens for the next 20 minutes. your lane falls behind and you lose the game because you cant harass or even heal your adc on time.

Put yourself in that situation right there and imagine how annoying it is to try and deal with.

this high ping begins at around 2pm where i live. and finishes at midnight. Now the usual student finishes school at 3pm does their homework and gets on the computer at around 4pm. they get on and they get that? why would they continue playing if thats all they get?

Its about time we get an Australian server out Riot. make it happen.