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Elo System

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I played before the new setup until i was approx 1512 and i assumed that would have been a a safe point to stop (assumed i'll be placed to gold 5). I was put into silver 1, and i've been pretty much stuck on this elo ever since. When i get closer and closer to 100 LP I earn less and less. Eventually it gets down to the point where i earn 1 LP for my matches. so what should have been 1 game at 90 LP ends up being like 5.


Every time i hit 90 + i earn a max of 3 lp. I've been at 98 and only earned 1 LP. Why am i earning so little. Does riot not want me to advance to the next level. I've played more games trying to advance to my qualifying matches from 90 LP then people who start at 0. I don't know what the deal is Riot but this is retarded.........................