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Ranked Play Is Depressing

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One of the major points of the new League Point system and tiers was to give summoners more achievable goals which would lead to more enjoyment playing the game.

For me this has been an incredible disappointment. I am now at the point where I am getting ~3 LP for a win and losing ~5 LP for a loss. I am just on the cusp of actually getting into a promotion series to go up to Gold 5, but at this rate I will have to go on close to a 5 game winning streak just to get there. Previously a 5 game winning streak would put me close to a promotion series itself.....I have a feeling of futility now that even when I am winning more games than I am losing I still won't be able to progress. I feel like this is the exact opposite of what was intended of the system and I find it very frustrating and depressing.

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agree i dont have the the intended idea of "progress" they wanted us to have, i more like "if im lucky and i won 15 games in a row i can make it to the next tier"