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Casters spoiling previous matches

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I woke up this thursday morning and thought "Oh right! There's been a huge amount of games played last night! I am going to watch them! Oh, the stream is still on and the game between MRN and TSM is on and not much has happened" So I tuned in and the very first words I heard were Phreak saying

"We already saw MRN upset Counter Logic Gaming, right now they are up two thousand gold against Team Solomid"
and right after Kobe24 commented on that he said
"And even the upset of Curse losing their undefeated winning streak against Dignitas"

I was pretty disappointed because I wanted to watch those earlier matches not knowing who wins. After that I have been paying attention to this and Phreak is definitely not the only one in the LCS casting crew. I think this is pretty bummed up for people who can't watch the games all in a row live or people who watch the games at a later time in a different order.

What do you think about announcing the winner of earlier matches in games?