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[Video] Play the naughty sister the good way (Morg Guide)

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good guide

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I enjoyed the guide, gave me some nice pointers and video on how to hit the snare. It is slower than most projectitles in the game atm, so be aware of that. Also its a thick beam and you saw timevice using the controls in such a manner as to adjust for possible movement and have only half the line on the champion but still land the snare. Throwing binding in such a way increases your odds of landing it as it makes it to if they stand where they are or move in the direction you anticipate, it'll still be a hit.

He downplayed just how strong a top or bottom solo laner she is. He also didn't mention just how much damage that ult does. Morg is one of the laners that will decimate a vlad. Also once you land first kill in a lane she'll just keep eatting her opponent; she snowballs very hard 1v1. So my suggestion is do not fall behind against a morg because she will make you pay hard.

The way her ult works is it does instant damage, then it snares and if you keep an enemy in the ult the entire time it'll pop and cause the previous instant damage as well as stunning for 2 seconds i believe. So the ult is very strong for walking up to someone, popping it, then landing a binding as they run away, and dropping a pool on their feet. If they opponent does not have extra hps in lane, you can possibly kill them just with ult bind pool and some auto attacks. Ignite is really useful to finsish off kills in lane if you play very aggressively. Otherwise you can do what timevice recommends and just drop pools starting at lvl 3 of pool to kill the ranged creeps. If you lack a little ap you won't quite kill all the ranged creeps and will leave them at one hit.

Also don't forget her passive is 15% spell vamp, which lends itself to maintaining lane control as you can drop pools to keep up your hps effectively.