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[Champion Judgement] Clyde, The Polychrome Artist

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Link to Concept post http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=3114375
Link to Looking for artist thread http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=35204038&posted=1#post35204038
Judgement for Clyde, The Polychrome Artist, any feedback is appreciated.

Candidate: Clyde
Date: 9 February. 20 CLE


Clyde strutted into the Great Hallway his mufti-colored hair and eyes shifted constantly bringing a sense of irony to the plain attire he boasted. Moving through the halls residuals of color streaked the air behind him he had become a power worthy of the league. In his hand he clenched a long brush like staff, this was his tool of choice, the outlet of his creativity, an ordinary brush no longer suited him, for he was no longer an ordinary artist.

Clyde nearing the end of the hall admired the intricate columns and marble figures. Clyde always admired the art of others, however this is not to be mistaken, this was not because of their allure, to Clyde his art was perfection, the creations of others in comparison just made his own work seem so much greater.

He gazed forward with his objective in mind, admission to the league was paramount to the future of his art. With a self amused look on his face Clyde looked up at the two grand door in front of him. “The truest opponent lies within”. His maniacal smile turned into an unamused frown and he grabbed his brush staff with both hands. His frown instantly returned to its joyful grin as he whisked his staff in the air. From the tip an ooze of color dashed out splatting onto the double doors creating what appeared to be an image of a third smaller door painted before him. Calming himself, Clyde retained his composure returning his brush staff to one hand and continue forward to the next room.


Entering the room Clyde found himself in a familiar place. The Underbelly of Zaun, a dark back end market filled with illegals goods and contraband materials.

He was in a shady magic shop, around him a plethora of goods magic users would find a necessitate for their tasks. The shopkeeper, a disturbed old man, was well aware of the boy that stood before him. The prodigal artist son of Zaunite nobility.

“You, shopkeeper, give me the strongest magical item you have.” Clyde hastily requested to the shopkeeper

The shopkeeper stared briefly at Clyde, he was not one to enjoy being ordered around.

“Do you posses magic in your veins boy?”

Clyde glared snootily at the shopkeeper “Do you not recognize me by face? My art is magic itself, now quickly offer me the item I seek”

The shopkeeper was at his wits end. Foolish sheltered youth ignorant of magic and its rules. He had met many like him in his life, however a boy of this caliber would turn the entire district upside down in his search. The shopkeeper wasn’t going to sacrifice the security of his business for one rich boys whims.

The shopkeeper entered the back of shop through a draped doorway returning with a large arcane crystal.

“During the experiments of Dr. Xavier Rath there were many complications, and items went missing that I have happened to... aquire.” The shopkeeper smiled the sleezyiest of smiles and handed Clyde the glowing crystal. At touch the crystal reacted immediately, the magic dormant in Clydes body reacted showing there indeed was magic in his veins.

The shopkeeper witnessing the reaction frowned “ it appears that there is magic within your veins, this item is not for those who already posses...”

Interupting him Clyde flung a large satchel of gold onto the countertop seperating the two “Yes yes here is your payment I bid you a good day.” Clyde exited the shop and hurried home.

The shopkeeper hysterically counted his gold, he thought the boy had overpayed ten folds for a seemingly useless item, this was however not the case.

The shop in the underbelly of zaun melted away and Clyde found himself gazing into his room. His eyes and hair turned black and all color vanished from his face, he was familiar with what had transpired this night.

Mounting the arcane crystal onto a brush handle Clyde formed what he now uses today as his brush staff. Whisking the staff forward young Clyde jokingly impersanted himself stroking at his easel. At that very moment the arcane crystal began to hum loudy.

The crystal shone brightly and emmited a high pitched noise stunning Clyde to the floor. His entire body spasmed, he coudln't breath, he thought this was the end.

The pain stopped and Clyde could move again, he stood up befuddled as to what had happened, his body then had began melting, dripping from head to toe his body melted into the paint he knew oh so well. He thought it again, this is the end, this is my death.

Falling to his knees Clyde could no longer stand, he grasped the floor looking down using what little strength he had to keep him up. Again the thought filled his head, this is no art, this is death. Clydes legs caved in, he could no longer support his body.

Laying dormant on the floor melting to a pool Clyde looked forward, his vision began to blur all he saw was the brush staff laying infront of him. He reached forward using every ounce of strength he had left. Once more the thought illustrated itself in his mind, this is the art of death.

At that moment Clyde grasped the brush staff that lay infront of him. His melted body around him retreated back into itself and retained its natural form. All his strength was returned to him and he realized what the art of magic could do.

“Clyde” a voice echoed in his mind

“Why do you want to join the league, Clyde”

All color returned to Clydes face and he grinned “To paint the art of Death”

“How does it feel exposing your mind”

“Marvelous” Clyde answered with a content smile.

The door behind him opened and a small puddle of paint lay on the floor where the third door once was.

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Nhan Fiction

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Posting Judgement on main thread

EDIT: Orginal thread too long

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I could picture that perfectly in my head, it was excellently described and it was able to see it almost cinematically :P
a good imagination is fun
anyway i love the idea and i think its really original so far as a champion goes,
good job man you;ve obviously put a lot of thought into this