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[Suggestion] Have a ping meter in client so you know your ping before startinga game

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Title says it all pretty much.I'll give an example.

I live in a house with a generally reliable internet connection, sometimes buggy router, and housemates that like to torrent at random times during the day. Let's say I get into matchmaking, and get into a game. My optimum ping is a steady 70. The game is at the "summoning" screen. I see my ping is red, and fluctuating rapidly from 1159 to 539 to 132 to 863... you get the idea.

So I leave my room, run to all 8 of my housemates rooms and ask them if they're torrenting to stop. By this time the game probably started, but it was necessary (if I hadn't my game would be ruined at the very beginning). So I go back to my room, and get on my PC. Only to see that I am still pinging. I then unplug them all from the router, assuming they are lying. Changes nothing. Turns out that this particular day my IP was just crappy and was giving low bandwidth. That happens more frequently than you would think.

Now to avoid having this happening I ran a speed test every time before I started a game. When you play multiple games a day, everyday, this becomes quite the annoyance. It is also unreliable, because speed test only check your bandwidth over a timespan of a few seconds. Everyone who knows about torrents knows that the amount of bandwidth it takes is very fluid, could be very low for 5 seconds, then spike for a few seconds, then drop again. If you ran the speed test during a low portion, then it would completely decieve you. The speedtest method only lasted a few days.

So now I just login, enter the queue, and hope that my ping is good.

It sucks to get in a game, have massive ping, and tell your team "well looks like we are automatically going to lose this one, sry guys". It completely dooms you from the start. Alot of people will actually automatically get up and go do something else for 20 minutes if this happens, I mean, why even attempt to play if there's no point?

My suggestion for this issue, is to put a ping meter in the client at the home screen (or whatever you call it, the place you can view your friends list, open the store, view your profile, etc). Real simple fix. Just take the one that we have in game, and put it in the client at all times once you login. This would take a coder like, 5 minutes, and have a massive positive effect. I know I'm not the only person who deals with this, I mean, I have 2 housemates who were 1500+ elo and we all suffer from this because of a few inconsiderate housemates that like to torrent, the ISP, and our router of questionable reliability.

I hope this makes sense. Sorry the post is so long, but I wanted to present the situation exactly how it occurs to me. This is a very reasonable, simple to implement patch, and would do a world of good.

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Totally understand what you mean, that's exactly my situation. Sadly I haven't found anything either. Hope someone knows a solution.

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Yeah i hear you man. In Australia we are always doom with 200 ping but we get used to it, but lately I've been sitting around the 360 ping meter which isn't the end of the world but it is game changing at some points. some thing i like to do b4 a ranked is play a custom really quickly and see what my ping is from there then decide whether to play or not. Also about the ping meter, you could add it right next to the settings option in the top right of the client, i think that's a reasonable place to have it. But i'm not sure whether you can test the ping without connecting to a game (I'm not an expert in this field). So maybe you could have a button called test connection/ping and it simulates you connecting to a game and tells you your ping, with maybe a few stats like highest, lowest and average. this fix could save so many peoples problems and lower the rage/disconnection rates a lot.