Queue System

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I am pretty new to this game, and am currently level 26.
I have played multiple solo queue normals wherein that I get queue'd with/against 30's, pre-mades, ranked players(silver 1), and a couple of times with/against gold ranks..

Now don't get me wrong, I don't mind losing/having bad games...
I just don't understand how its possible to solo queue, and get matched with 30's, pre-mades, and silver ranked players.... Surely a silver/gold ranked player has a higher "skill level" than a new player at level 26, right?

I have an idea:

Could it be possible to have a World of Warcraft style PvP bracket? For instance, in solo queue 30s only get queued other 30s, of the same "skill level", and then you could have something like 25-29 bracket, 20-24 bracket, 15-19 bracket, and so on.

Might be a bit much to do, but it's a good system.