BIg Tree Jungle Rumble $50 RP

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bTg daboi

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We are looking for 5-man teams to participate in a Summoner’s Rift Draft format tournament with a prize of $50 RP to the winning team. Single elimination. Entry is free, 50$ Riot Points will be awarded to the winners. The tournament will have 16 teams (if there are less will do 8), We will be streaming the events on--​

Sign Up--

This Will be the first Jungle Rumble but we hope to be able to continue this event on a weekly basis.

​We will use a League of Legends chat room to organize everyone on the day. Just join BigTreeGaming chat and find the captain of the opposing team, friend them,Create the Match, Play the match.​

The tournament dates are as follows:

Next Event 4/12/13

Saturdays: Round of 16 and Quarter

Sundays: Semi and Final

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