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Zed Living Shadow bug!!

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Hello all!
I've been playing as Zed for the past two weeks, and couldn't help but notice a bug with him.

I have noticed a bug with Living Shadow, Zed's W (by default) where he projects a shadow of himself which mimics his abilities. I have smart cast on, so I can summon this shadow quickly, but there is one problem with this.
Of the 500+ times I've used Living Shadow, 2 times the shadow DID NOT go where I intended it to go (IMO that is 2 times too much). I am not talking about slightly off.

When running away, I used my Living Shadow to escape, but rather than projecting in front of me where my pointer was, it cast somewhere to the side, and I found myself with a grey screen in no time.

The second time I almost took out the enemy tank and the Living Shadow combined with my E and Q would have confirmed the kill, but it cast behind me instead, letting him get away.

I feel that, though this occurrence is rare, it shouldn't exist at all. Riot, please look into this! This bug can be absolutely game changing, and is a nightmare for Zed players.