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Windows 8 and LoL problem

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Since the patch before Quinn and Valor attempted to fix the problems with LoL and Windows 8 graphic problems cause my windows 8 to not work at all, it would load and just get stuck not being able to do anything, my first tought was that an oudated antivirus might caused the problem, i made a fresh new install and installed a diferent antivirus that supports win8, i only had google chrome, photoshop and the antivirus installed so i installed LoL again and after it was done with all the patches i turned my computer off and went to bed, the next day i tried to turn on my computer and i had the same problem as before wich made me doubt if LoL was the cause of it, so i made a new fresh windows 8 install, again only antivirus, photoshop and google chrome installed and its been working for the past 2 days with no problems.

Windows its fully updated and drivers are up to date.