Legendary Skin Idea for Kennen

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In my honest opinion, Kennen is one of the most fun champs to play and well overdue for a legendary skin. I was thinking maybe they could do a wasteland warrior Kennen or Kennenshiro, if you will. He could have a different stance similar to Kens hokuto no ken stance and instead of throwing shurikens, he can punch the air so hard it reaches his opponent and damages them. Also, his taunts would be very simple such as the famous, "You are already dead.", or possibly, "Ionia/Kinkou knows no equal." an obvious reference to the famous line,"Hokuto shinken knows no equal". He could also say these lines when slaying enemy champs or activating abilities. While his ult is activated, he could just scream "Atatatatatatatatatata" just like Kenshiro does during the 100 crack fist technique. I know many of you think that maybe this skin would be more suited for someone such as Lee Sin, but Kennen has more in common with Kenshiro. Neither Kennen nor Kenshiro are atoning for past mistakes and both are privy to ancient techniques that very few possess or are even privy to. If anyone has further ideas to improve upon this idea or any critiques, post them here please. Upvote this into the several thousands and let Riot know that we need this to be made into a reality.