Tribunal Additions

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LoL is a great game. My fun experience, however, is regularly made--well--less fun because of jerks. The honor campaign is certainly helping to create a better, friendlier community, but I think a minor addition could be made here.

The tribunal seldom administers bans or hard punishments. This is understandable, because most of the time, the accused players are guilty of nothing more than being horrible to their teammates. And even when bans are administered, the guilty players simply make new accounts.

So I believe a new punishment can be added to the tribunal's arsenal... the "Dishonorable Summoner" banner. This would appear in the same fashion as the "Honorable Opponent, "Friendly Teammate," or other honor banners. But instead of letting other players know that this player is skilled, friendly, or helpful, this banner would warn other players that the individual has been convicted of regularly harassing teammates and opponents.

To get the bad banner removed, the player would have to earn a certain amount of honor (friendly, helpful, etc...). This might help the tribunal to do its job more effectively in the 'gray area' of most cases. It would also make the PvP net a much more friendly place to play.

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